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The Dice SLS kite has been designed to give advanced kiters the ultimate performance for every session. With its impressive range of capabilities, this kite is ideal for those looking to push their limits in a variety of disciplines. The SLS construction reduces the kite's weight by up to 15% compared to regular constructions, creating a stiffer airframe that delivers precise handling. Take-off is now even more powerful, with a massive hangtime that will leave you breathless. The kite's bar feeling is incredibly direct, and its turning speed is unrivalled, giving you total control and all the feedback you could desire. You can perform powerful kite loops and customize the type of loop you want to do. This kite is the perfect choice for riders looking to up their game in kite loop progression. The reduced weight also enhances the kite's unhooked capabilities, allowing you to perform the latest freestyle tricks. In the waves, you can thread lines through the trickiest sections and smash the biggest swells with ease, while actively steering the kite. The performance enhancements on the new Dice SLS will blow riders away, delivering world-class performance across a variety of disciplines. It's the one kite quiver killer for advanced riders looking to get the most out of every session.