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The Dice has a lineage of exceptional performance in its ancestry. It is a freestyle kite that excels in multiple disciplines. This kite is perfect for riders who love to perform the latest tricks, launch big airs, execute huge kite loops, and even tackle some waves from time to time. The key to its versatility lies in its incredible control. The steering is exceptionally precise, which enables you to do huge jumps, launch big airs, and make fast turns in the waves. Its unhooked performance is where it really shines, though. The kite has a good amount of power delay, so once you pop unhooked, the lines will slack, allowing you to perform the latest tricks with ease. As you land, the kite will reengage, enabling you to ride out your tricks without worrying about the kite crashing. These features make it the kite of choice for pro riders who are comfortable in the tube of a big wave in the Canaries, boosting loops in Cape Town, and throwing handle passes in the lagoons of Brazil. If you're an advanced rider who enjoys a variety of styles and doesn't want your kite to dictate how you ride, the Dice is the perfect kite for you, and it will have your back every session.