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The all-new Evo SLS is the perfect kite for you if you want top-notch performance across a variety of disciplines. It is constructed using the latest SLS technology and materials, which includes the lightweight and durable Penta TX, along with Trinity TX, reducing the kite's weight by up to 15% compared to regular models. The construction does not only make the kite lighter but also stiffer, enhancing its flying characteristics in every area. This results in more pop, better take-offs, and huge hangtime. Additionally, the new Flex Struts make the handling incredibly dynamic, allowing the kite to twist and execute faster and tighter turns. The pulley-less bridle requires less maintenance and improves the handling of the kite, especially when looping. With the Evo SLS, you have total control at every stage of every trick, as the kite becomes an extension of your body. It is the go-to option for riders seeking a high-performance and versatile kite suitable for big air, freeride, hooked freestyle, and wave riding. The Evo SLS is a perfect dream you can revisit every time you hit the water!