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TKS COFFEE Produced on family farm in Armenia,Colombia (Quindio)



Variety: Castillo  Altitude:1,200 M

Process: Sun dried  Fermentation:18 HR


 The Story
The Barrios family Coffee Story.
     In the year 1917 Daniel Barrios our great-grandfather, planted the first batch of coffee trees which was Arabica coffee.  The name of the farm was LAS BRISAS. In the state Quindio, La Albania.

In the year 1928 Obdulio Barrios was 17 years old, and planted batches of arabica coffee and bourbon in the farm Paraguay in the state of Quindio. Colombia. In 1950 he decided to change to Caturra, because it was more productive (more kilos per tree).

In 1983 was the year were the ROYA was killing the coffee trees. In that same year our family made the decision to change some areas due to the high loss of trees.

In 1990 our family planted a new variety called Variety  Colombia which will resist the attack of the leaves of the coffee trees from the ROYA 

In the Year 2011 was the year  were the  great - grandson Luis Miguel Diaz Barrios (Morgan’s Brother in Law) planted new variety Castillo with a total of 40,566 coffee trees. In a distances of 1.20 meters x 1.80 meters. The farm Villa Roa is located in the state of Quindio, Colombia.  The altitude of the farm 3937 ft above sea level and harvest time is in April and November.

We are currently roasting with local roasters in Armenia, Colombia and have produces some small batch’s for TKSMIAMI in a medium roast.


Hope you enjoy it!!