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The Fone Strike is available to ship at once.

The STRIKE design is completely new with many innovations. The vertical panel layouts towards the trailing edge and the skin tension help control the cloth deformation and improve the overall profile.

The leading edge has extra segments for a better control of the
dihedral shape and its diameter has been optimized. The curvy
but straight on the tail centre strut design helps for an even better
control of the deformation.

Going upwind has never been so efficient.

  • 2.8m + 3.5m for stronger winds and wave riding.
  • 4.2m + 5.0m are designed to offer the best wind range according to the disciplines and levels
  • 6m CWC, 7m CWC, 8m CWC  has a completely different design and concept from the other sizes and is dedicated to light wind