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Introducing the pioneering Rebel SLS for 2024, a groundbreaking kite that continues to revolutionize the riding experience for a new generation of riders. This year, the design team improved the handling and turning speed by optimizing the wing tips. The canopy tension was also enhanced to upgrade the gust handling, ensuring the kite retains its shape in any wind condition. Combining Penta TX and Trinity TX delivers maximum stiffness while allowing the tips to twist, giving intuitive handling and enhanced steering. The Rebel SLS provides massive power, coupled with exceptional control. With instantaneous depower, you can conquer tough conditions and gain maximum altitude on big jumps. Benefit from explosive take-off, amazing vertical boost and prolonged hangtime with each jump. Even in light winds, the Rebel SLS delivers plenty of low-end power, due to its lightweight design, with improved drift for easier recovery. Perfect for freeride enthusiasts, the Rebel SLS will skyrocket your heights scores and take you to the next level.