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The Neo has been a leader in wave riding since its inception. For 2024, Duotone has introduced a new version of the Neo that embodies its philosophy of versatility, solidity, and high performance. The kite comes with an improved wingtip design and construction, which enhances its turning characteristics and handling, making it more dynamic. The new wingtip area construction uses more Trinity TX, reducing weight and helping the kite to drift down the line without sacrificing durability. The overall profile of the kite has also been updated, with a slightly deeper center profile and a moderately deeper profile towards the tips. These changes increase the kite's low-end power and load the wingtips for more precise handling, making steering incredibly responsive.

These improvements make the Neo an excellent kite for riding waves, with lightning-fast turns and incredible drift, making it one of the most popular wave kites available. Versatility is key here, with multiple settings on the tips that allow you to fine-tune the kite's performance according to the conditions of the day. Whether you are enjoying a flatwater strapless freestyle session or riding the waves, the Neo can be adjusted for maximum pop and powerful loops or optimized for exceptional drift and rapid turning speed.

The Neo also boasts remarkable power delivery across the entire wind range. With abundant low-end power, this kite enables you to ride with a smaller, more dynamic size, enhancing your overall performance. At the same time, it offers an extensive upper range with generous depower, allowing you to stay on the water longer when the conditions change. With plenty of updates and upgrades for 2024, the new Neo is class-leading and pushes the boundaries once more. All you have to do is be along for the ride.