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TKS Miami Foilboarding Lessons

Foil? what is Foil? Do you believe in it? is it complicated or too dangerous? if you've had this questions pass through your mind we can help you with the answers, come by our beach spot and experience foil. If you know already come and demo new gear, the latest designs and meet brand riders.

A lot of foil has to do with kite control and having experience with the kite, first handle the kite then tame the foil. It will be faster to learn if you take your time in choosing the conditions to learn on or the gear to use. You'll gain more experience on a windy day than on a light wind day. Just some tips we can suggest but for the full lesson visit us or book your lesson online. 

Learn to foil board with TKS Miami Watersports.
All ages are welcome.  

Must be a proficient kiteboard riding up wind, taking, jumping and ready to take your riding to the next level on the foil board.