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The new Neo SLS kite builds on the incredible legacy of the previous years, enhancing the rider experience even further. It features Hybrid Flex Struts, which are now straighter, and a wider, square wing tip shape. The focus was to improve the kite's handling, resulting in a smoother experience with faster steering and a shorter depower stroke, allowing for instant power dumping. The Hybrid Flex Struts are controlled by the precisely tuned ratio of Penta TX and STW70, which is adjusted for each size. The percentage of flex material in the tip struts decreases as the size increases. The new wing tips open up and flex when under pressure from the back lines, making for a super-fast and near-instant initiation into the turn. The legendary wind range remains, with plenty of low-end power, making it suitable for all conditions, while the top end keeps you on the water for longer. The Neo SLS features Penta TX and Trinity TX construction, which combines lightweight materials and exceptional durability. This results in a kite that is noticeably lighter than regular constructions, enhancing the drifting capabilities of the Neo SLS. It allows you to execute your moves effortlessly on the wave without worrying about the kite. Even when depowered with the bar pushed away, the Neo SLS maintains its dynamic handling and steering, ensuring you retain full control while riding the wave. The kite's responsiveness remains unchanged, providing a seamless experience throughout your session. To ensure the kite is versatile and meets the demands of wave riders and strapless freestylers, the Neo SLS offers multiple settings on the tips. You can tailor the kite's performance to the specific conditions of the day, whether you're indulging in a flatwater strapless freestyle session or playing in the waves. You can set the kite for maximum pop and powerful loops or fine-tune it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed, depending on your preference and the nature of the session.

The Neo SLS has long set a standard for wave riding performance, and this year the enhanced performance takes the kite to new levels, both on the waves and in the air.