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The Neo SLS has revolutionized the wave riding community by taking an already groundbreaking and market-leading kite to new heights. The combination of Penta TX and Trinity TX, along with a new Hybrid Flex Strut, creates an incredibly light and durable construction that is up to 15% lighter than a regular kite. This lightweight construction makes the Neo SLS ultra-responsive and takes its drifting capabilities to new levels. Unlike traditional kites, the Neo SLS will keep drifting even when you drop it, allowing you to perform your moves on the wave with ease. The new Hybrid Flex Strut improves the kite's legendary dynamism even further, using new material combinations for better performance. The kite is so precisely tuned that the percentage of flex material in the tip struts decreases as the size increases. For example, the 5m kite is more flexible in the tip struts compared to the 12m, which provides more rigidity and stiffness to the larger kites where power is a priority and makes the smaller kites even faster. Even when the kite is depowered, and you have pushed the bar away, it still handles and steers, allowing you to ride the wave without losing control. With multiple settings on the tips, the kite can be tuned to the day's conditions. For flatwater strapless freestyle sessions, set it for maximum pop and powerful loops, or tune it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed when shredding the waves. The Neo SLS is the epitome of a wave kite: fast, with incredible drift, instant relaunch, and very durable. Regardless of your riding style or the conditions, the Neo SLS will perform beyond your wildest imagination. If you want to ride a surfboard this year, the Neo SLS is the kite for you.