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138 CM
Learning to kiteboard can be a challenging experience, especially during the early sessions. With the wind blowing, water moving, and multiple things to manage, it can be quite overwhelming. A reliable board can make the journey much smoother and help you look good every step of the way. The Gonzales freeride board is perfect for beginners and intermediates alike. This season, it's even lighter, making it easier for you to take those first steps. From your first water starts to the more advanced moves you want to learn, the Gonzales can handle it all. The medium-soft flex and concave base make it incredibly forgiving on the water, providing a silky ride in the roughest chop. The Absorption Flex Tips make landings soft, and the rounded outline allows for smooth carving from heel to toeside. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate rider, the Gonzales can help you improve your kiteboarding skills and make the most out of the sport you love.