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The Trust Bar takes kite control to the next level with an improved depower system, a simple yet effective click-in chicken loop, and a new leash design. The Iron Heart VI features a Click-In Safety System which allows you to connect the chicken loop easily. It's perfect for riders using a rope slider bar, and very handy when you need to reconnect your chicken loop, especially in the water. The leash has been redesigned from the ground up and utilizes a new construction with neoprene, making it softer and more flexible, but also improving the elongation when you crash. In addition, there is an EVA design and the new Quick Link Mechanism that allows you to clip the leash into the chicken loop with one hand, massively improving safety. The Vario Cleat is combined with an adjustment clip to store the depower line. Duotone has specifically designed it and it features a new Dyneema line that minimizes wear and gives the best feeling for your fingers. The FLITE99 lines from Robline reduce the drag through the air and offer a more direct steering response. The new V Distributor III can be adjusted easily, allowing you to set the front-line split quickly. It can also be removed entirely, so you can have a very low V, making the Click Bar compatible with most kites on the market. The pigtails have reduced sleeving only where needed, which reduces the weight and the drag through the air at a critical connection point to the kite. There is a Suicide Ring leash connection system that allows you to ride in full safety mode or easily set up suicide for unhooked riding. There is also a new optional Low V Distributor, especially for schools which comes with 12m +12m lines. If you want one of the most polished and tuned bars on the market to control your kites, the Trust Bar will deliver!