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The Neo D/LAB is a revolutionary kite that promises to take the world of kitesurfing by storm. It offers the ultimate in high-performance technology and boasts the very best in design and lightweight materials. It features an updated version of the Aluula fabric combined with a new Hybrid Flex Strut, resulting in an incredible 30% weight reduction from the original Neo. This makes it highly responsive and ensures an exceptional level of control. The kite is constructed using innovative materials such as Trinity TX, making it both light and durable enough to withstand the rigorous action of big wave sessions.

The Neo D/LAB is renowned for its unrivaled wave performance and is considered one of the best wave kites on the market. The low-end range is unmatched, and the high-end control is abundant. As you initiate a turn, the Hybrid Flex Strut makes it dynamic and responsive in an unprecedented way. It feels like an extension of your body on the wave, and the flight characteristics are intuitive. Additionally, the kite's lighter version offers fantastic drifting capabilities, making it perfect for offshore winds.

The kite is also perfect for strapless settings and allows for easy jumps and spins. The extra airtime afforded to you helps you execute the latest moves with ease. The Neo D/LAB is a significant leap forward in terms of performance for wave riders who demand the very best. Get your quiver now before they sell out!