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The all-new Pace has been completely redesigned for 2020;
within the range, there are 4 shapes, which have been
individually designed to offer the best performance. The smaller
two boards are “pocket style”, designed to be very short with
no nose to get in the way.

The two larger boards have a nose to help you when you touch
down and to be more forgiving when learning. The larger boards
are optimised for comfort and have a wider stance. The smaller
versions are more aggressive in shape and a narrower stance
for foiling tricks. The overall rocker of all the boards has been
increased signifi cantly. A deep double concave bottom shape
ensures early glide in light winds and mellow touchdowns.
Bevelled rails prevent any risk of the rails catching in chop and
ensure a smooth, predictable ride in all conditions.

To improve response and control the deck features a scoopedout
concave to give you maximum leverage over the foil. Having
the right board for your style of riding is really important; now
there are plenty of choices and options to suit you. Packed
with performance features and clever design details, you’ll be
fl ying over the ocean in total control at whatever Pace you