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Freeride / Freestyle / Wave & Downwind –“ONE FOR ALL

This is designer Ken Winner’s fourth wing to come to market, and the experience shows.  There are many factors that influence a wing’s performance:  outline, leading edge diameter, dihedral angle, canopy and leech tension, wingspan and tip geometry.  After months of testing many configurations, the Slick comes out with top marks in up-wind ability, wind range, downwind drift, stability, jumping, and handling through transitions and free-style maneuvers.  This 1-for-all package will be the answer for many wingers in 2021.  

The unique “mini-boom” concept takes the best of both worlds by giving you the easy intuitive handling of a boom in a lightweight package with un-matched drift, range and balance.

The short fixed length boom mounts to the center strut so it is only found where you need it, eliminating the need for a front-end and long tail piece.  There is only one boom for all Slick sizes, and its’ also available in a carbon version for even more weight savings.