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TKS Thoughts 

The Rebel is a reliable kite, well known by most kiters since it has been in Duotone's line up for ever. Its has great jumping capability and great hang time. Most people love the old school riding feeling it promotes because of its lofty long jumps, its for the rider who barely unhooks and rides hooked in. It goes upwind effortlessly, re launches easy,  its a bit slower than other duotone kites, has a direct bar feeling and is made strong to withstand a lot of use.  Its in the higher side of pricing but is a kite that is so reliable that it will hold its value if kept well maintained. 

The Rebel is the Duotone's pride model, usually comes loaded with all the new features and innovations the brand is well know for. Evolved from a 5 line kite to now a 4 line kite that can also be flown on a 5 line bar, for 2020 the Rebel is the lightest and most flexible it has ever been. Now the Rebel is more versatile than ever. 

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