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The Maliko 12’6” continues to stake its claim to the podium in the most prestigious SUP sprints and surf races in the world, including the 2017 Red Bull Heavy Water, ISA World Championship Sprints (both men & women) and the APP World Tour sprints. Engineered for superior performance across all crucial aspects of competitive sprint racing, this board excels in flatwater, chop, open ocean and surf-racing conditions.

Ideal for advanced to pro-level athletes, this board is designed to keep riders at their peak through sprints and long-distance runs. Softer mid-section rails, higher release in the tail and increased volume make this board extremely fast when accelerating off the line, forgiving in side chop and outstanding in the surf (for in-and-out racing). Increased dihedral shaping disperses water off the deck, helping the nose slice through water quickly and efficiently. The nose bevel is positioned closer to the board’s center for a smooth-gliding riding experience while ample volume delivers plenty of stability and chop-eating efficiency needed for changing open-water conditions.

Perfectly balanced, the Maliko 12’6” offers just enough stability to combat fatigue on long runs, while keeping riders aggressive at buoy turns, so they can take full advantage of key competition opportunities.

Ideal for riders up to 190 lbs/86 kg