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The Rebel SLS kite takes the legacy of its predecessor to the next level, which defined a generation of riders. It features a Penta TX frame construction with a Trinity TX canopy, making it up to 15% lighter than the standard model. The materials used provide a very stiff frame and enable it to keep its shape even in gusty conditions, delivering smooth power. The design incorporates Flex Struts that allow the tips to twist, making the handling intuitive, and the steering exceedingly dynamic. The middle of the kite is deeper, delivering a huge amount of power. To ensure control, the Rebel SLS has instantaneous depower, giving you the confidence to ride a big kite in strong conditions when you want to boost the biggest airs. The Rebel SLS is perfect for going huge, as the explosive take-off coupled with a vertical take-off propels you to new heights. Once airborne, control is in abundance, and the hangtime is unreal, giving you long flight times on every jump. In light winds, the Rebel SLS delivers plenty of low-end power, with a quick upstroke, thanks to its design and lighter weight. This low weight also improves the drift, allowing you to swing under the kite on landings and still recover it. The Rebel SLS is an exhilarating ride that will ignite your soul when you hit the water, taking your kitesurfing to new heights every time you send it!