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The DIABLO kitebar is built in the lightest and simplest possible way. The main body is made of Aluminum 6061, which is an alloy enriched with magnesium and silicon making it very resistant and widely used in aerospace industry. Besides its strength this alloy also offers good strain behavior and great corrosion resistance.

For more safety and comfort, the bar tips are over-molded with a rubber material. A double layer of EVA is added on the top of the bar as well as a thermoformed antiskid layer.

The slender shaped floats are light and easily removable.

The bar features a longer throw than before and the standard pulleys have been replaced by premium RONSTAN pulleys equipped with a ball bearing system which allows to perfectly tune the kite. Also, the Clamcleat is movable to adjust the length of the depower.

The line sets are available in many different lengths and are sold separately so that everyone can pick their preferred option.

The depower’s plastic tube has been replaced with a high density polyethylene sheath for a smooth and precise bar feeling

The safety release features a manual swivel which enables to un twist the lines while riding by simply rotating manually the top part of the release unit. The system is based on roller bearings which make the rotation effortless even when the kite is pulling.

The swivel on the release unit is combined with another one located on the life line, at the bottom of the whole unit. This one operates automatically and prevents the leash from twisting when using the main swivel.

Safety: The release can be setup on a single front line, thanks to the stainless steel HUB

Compatible with the DIABLO V1, V2, V3 & V4.