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Duotone Quick Release Rope Harness Kit 2019

Waveride kit for Click and Trust bar

This Duotone Quick Release Rope Harness Kit is made for the Waveride orientated kitesurfer. This Duotone Rope kit slides over the slider bars Ride Engine during wave riding. This allows you to move even more freely and make sharp turns. The beauty of this kit is that your rope is not damaged because it glides very smoothly over it. With the Duotone Rope Harness Kit you get a short leash that is neatly finished with neoprene. A very fine system for kiters who like to rip the waves.


Short leash included

Suitable for the Duotone Trust and Click bar

Waveride kit

Short neoprene leash

Leash wound with neoprene

Top quality