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      Welcome to our Duotone shop here you will find all of Duotone gear line up from Kites all the way to boards.

This season Duotone is taking their innovative drive to higher grounds; they proudly introduce SLS - Strong Light Superior. Since 2001, Duotone has made it their mission to make the best kiteboarding equipment to guarantee that every single one of your sessions is the best. Duotone created many groundbreaking innovations like the Click Bar, Textreme Technologies and Trinity TX. Now it’s the time for SLS.

Whenever you see the SLS logo on a  Duotone product, you’ll know, we put it there for a reason. SLS products are equipped with the newest, most innovative and simply best materials available for kiteboarding. This is the gear the pros want to ride, tuned to the millimeter over countless hours. Just so they are 100 % satisfied, to know that they are offering the greatest experience we riders could ever have with our gear. This is Duotone's magic collection which makes us smile just thinking about it and leaves butterflies in our stomachs, even after we’ve packed up and headed home for the day.

The kite shop has been representing Duotone for over 15 years, we are very knowledgable on Duotone kites, bars, boards and accessories. Feel free to contact us for any questions or advise.