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The Bamboo construction has been proven for many years of production and offers a great weight to resistance ratio with great reliability. The deck features a layer of bamboo to provide a tough impact and crushing resistance while the many layers of reinforcement on the bottom ensures solid strength.

  • Stable and Forgiving
  • Super Maneuverable
  • Brings you closer to the Surf Foil Feeling

Being able to control the take-off from a stand-up position really makes things easier and this is why Stand Up Foiling is fantastic. It’s not only an easier step at the beginning and it also lets you charge steeper waves as you progress.  The other key aspect is that on foil you’re flying far and coming back paddling on a Stand Up is a lot more comfortable than on a Surfboard.

To choose you size in this new discipline is easy, just look at the volume of your actual board and not the size. Go for a ROCKET SUP that’s equal volume or slightly higher than what you use normally. The foil mast adds a lot of stability so you can use a board which is narrower than usual.

For example if you’re using a 90 liter boards you should choose the 6’6 ROCKET with its 92 liters.
The foil mast adds a lot of stability so you can use a board which is narrower than usual.


6’0’’ x 24.5″

6’6’’  x 25.5

7’0’’ x 26.5″

7’6’’ x 27.5″


183 x 62.5 cm

198 x 65 cm

213 x 67.5 cm

229 x 70 cm


80 L

92 L

105 L

120 L