The North Evo 2016 is the ultimate all round kite in the North Kiteboarding range and a completely new interpretation of a freestyle/freeride kite. The Evo is at home no matter what the conditions. The kite can be flown on 4 or 5 lines and feels like an easy to use C-Shaped kite in terms of its handling. It has a smooth predictable nature and direct and responsive turning characteristics.

For those looking to ride unhooked every now and again, it has just the right amount of freestyle performance you’re looking for and when riding waves, you’ll be surprised by the turing and drift. Delivering a precise and direct feel with power, whatever your style you’ll feel right at home with the Evo.

The hangtime and lift delivered when jumping is impressive, the kite really accelerates through the window to generate huge amounts of power and lift, perfect for oldschool manoeuvres. Kiteloops feel extremely smooth, the Evo catches the rider gently after the loop. It is exceedingly stable in the air, making it great for freestyle and waves too. Hooked or unhooked the Evo responds perfectly to rider input on the bar in a predictable manner. Due to the 5 struts, the Evo is stable even in biggest gusts or steering mistakes.

If you don’t want to be tied down to a certain style of riding, you need a kite that can deliver on all levels, the Evo is that kite.

Alongside the new panel layout, North have changed the canopy tension settings and used the fusion strut constructions to increase the liveliness of the kite. As a crossover kite that performs as well in the surf as it does for unhooking and throwing the latest new-school tricks. Smooth, predictable power delivery and steady C-like bar feel invite you to unhook and push your newschool moves to the next level, throw massive kite loops or boost big airs.

The Evo also offers excellent depower ability and quick, predictable turning and drift, ideal for the more surf-minded kiters. Whatever the day brings, you will always be prepared to take advantage of the conditions. Whether you're into stomping freestyle tricks, shredding waves, jumping, cruising or all of the above, the Evo´s got you covered.

The kite has a smooth, predictable feel that riders fall in love with, the power delivery is progressive and the kite feels more like a C-kite than the delta hybrid that it is. This year the Evo incorporates the new adaptive tips and also a streamline strut system, these new struts allow North to control the flow of air over the kite much better. This means North can improve the kites turning speed and responsiveness and reward the rider with a much more lively feeling kite. The larger sizes have a fuller profile and this gives them a much better low end range.

Precise kite loops allow you to throw every variation of kite loop to your heart’s content. Amazing low-end power gets you up and riding in light wind and the auto re-launch lets you go for broke without a second thought of getting your kite back up; Simply let go of the bar and the kite will do the work for you!

New relaunch bungees prevent any lines from snagging on the wingtips during re-launch and construction details have been improved to prevent wear and tear. The Evo can be ridden on 4 or 5 lines depending on your preference.

The Evo is easier than ever. EVO Epic! The Evo can be flown with 4 lines or 5 giving the rider the choice to ride the kite however they desire. Depower is excellent, while the turning is direct and responsive allowing the rider to instinctively feel where the kite is in the window.Hooked in, unhooked, freeride, freestyle, small waves, monster swells, strapped or unstrapped the Evo is your ticket to ride!

The new profile for the North EVO 2016 is more powerful and has improved the upwind ability with added low wind riding in the larger sizes. Now complete with the Lazy Pump system.

Impressive light wind ability, enormous range, forgiving flying characteristics and easy bar feeling are just some of the unique features of the new North EVO 2016. Continuous EVOlution!

North Evo 4 / 5 Line control:

The North Evo 2016 can be ridden on 4 or 5 line control bars, uniting new-school and free-ride in one kite.

The Evo‘s delta shape offers great sheet and-go riding, excellent wind range and high de-power.

The overall shape helps the Evo turn quickly and predictably while the new bridle geometry stabilizes the arc for a soft, consistent bar feel and extreme back-stall resistance.

The 4-line mode boasts an innovative new safety system and bar-feel prefect for those who prefer soft, easy handling. In 5-line mode the 5th Element additionally stabilizes the arc, providing very direct bar-feel for new-school riding and the ultimate 5th line safety.

Auto re-launch means that you can go for it and never have to worry about re-launchng your kite. Just take your hands off the bar and let the kite do the work for you!

Streamline Struts:

This year the North Kite Design incorporates a new strut concept, which combines the responsive turning and softer feel of three strut kites with the superior stability of a classic 5-strut design. The front sections of the struts feature an increased diameter towards the leading edge and then taper towards the trailing edge of the kite. This radically reduced diameter leads to more flexibility, while the front part of the struts remains super stiff and strong for great stability. The flexible back section of the strut allows the kite to twist over the entire profile when sheeting in and out. As a direct result, the kite is able to generate better low end and more responsive turning.

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