North Kiteboarding is proud to introduce the new North VEGAS 2014 - this is North's New School moves, competition kite. The Vegas 2014 particularly appeals to newschoolers and to riders who do not want to renounce on the conventional C-kite feeling but at the same time, retaining its freeride capabilities.

The Vegas 2014 is a kite that needs no introduction, for years it has sat at the pinnacle of freestyle riding, powering the world’s best riders to the top of their game. Over the years it has evolved, and it is now much more than just a freestyle kite. Different tuning options allow you to set the kite up for wakestyle and freeride options, as well of course, as freestyle.

It has the best pop in the North range, offering extreme height in jumps and powered tricks. The unique feature of the Vegas 2014 kite is the power delay - after the pop the kite has no power allowing the rider to perform their trick without the kite pulling. Kiteloops on the Vegas are precise and reliable, the kite powers through the loop with plenty of speed.

Still, in addition to this, some riders choose the Vegas as their freeride kite, enjoying the lively nature and responsiveness offered. If you want the most uncompromising high performance and dynamic kite on the market, choose the Vegas.

Compared to last years model North have tuned quite a lot on the 2014 Vegas, the quarter strut has been moved further out towards the wingtip to improve the low-end range of the kite. This has also helped North to create a more rigid tip to the kite, the concentration of struts in the tip area helps make the kite very responsive and direct in terms of bar feeling. North have also made the wingtips wider to improve steering and responsiveness. Hook yourself into the 2014 Vegas and prepare to be blown away by the performance of this freestyle and wakestyle machine!

The 2014 North Vegas reinforces its legacy as an incredibly versatile C-shape kite, integrating uncompromised new-school/wake attributes with free-ride comfort. The key to the Vegas’ versatility lies in a simple adjustment on the kite’s wingtip, offering three varied settings with the quick switch of a knot. These settings have been tuned to offer three very distinct modes to suit your preferred riding style.

By tuning the kite you can create a few different set ups and allow it to suit different riding styles. On the frontlines are two settings; freestyle gives the rider more depower, more lift, precision kiteloops and very reactive steering. The wakestyle setting gives the rider more pop when unhooked, a longer “power delay” to allow easier handle passes and slightly less reactive steering so you can concentrate on the rails and kickers. The rear lines can be tuned to increase or decrease the turning speed of the kite to suit almost any rider.

Standard Free-Ride Setting: The standard free-ride setting offers everything you would expect from a free-ride kite like loads of depower, responsive steering and predictable handling.

Freestyle Setting: The second setting is ideal for taking your first steps into freestyle, offering noticeably harder bar pressure providing more accurate kite feedback and making steering slightly less responsive to practice unhooked tricks.

New School Setting: The third option converts the Vegas into a fullblooded new-school / wake machine that sits deeper in the wind window and delivers consistent pull with a very limited de-power stroke. This is the preferred setting of our core freestyle team and allows you to do the most powerful kite-loops and offers the most explosive pop for powered new-school and wake tricks.

The North Vegas 2014 is a pure C-shape kite that embodies radical new school riding and delivers the precision feel needed to stomp today's most technical tricks and challenge tomorrow's limits. A no-compromise design that delivers massive pop, steady pull and a predictable, direct turning radius. Pull the trigger on massive mega-loops or unhook and launch into a mobe with the assurance of rock-solid pull and steadiness.

The Vegas delivers high de-power with the widest range of use although it’s a C-kite and gives you virtually no de-power for full-on powered wakestyle. The 2014 Vegas: Style and conviction without compromise.

Further development of the 5th element system, allowed North to develop a true C-kite with great stability and rock-solid power, combined with maximum safety and de-power abilities. Reduced canopy segments and special construction translates into smooth, intuitive and playful turning characteristics that are easily recognized in kite loops where the kite climbs back up overhead for controlled landings.

All sizes offer an incredibly similar feeling in both turning speed and bar load, requiring nearly no adjustment time when switching kite sizes.

Two trim options allow you to set up your Vegas in either “Classic” or “New-school” modes. Classic freestyle mode provides high de-power and gives you the most versatile range for doing big jumps, un-hooked freestyle and even venturing into the surf. New-school mode gives you less de-power, extreme stability while unhooking and less sensitive bar reaction for doing loaded power moves.

5th line Freestyle High Depower Classic Setting: Plenty of de-power and the classic Vegas feel you‘ve come to expect! This setting offers the most versatility and is ideal for free/wave riding, jumping and un-hooking.

5th line Freestyle / Newschool: Dedicated new-school feel, little to no de-power, extremely steady when unhooked and less sensitive to bar input for loaded power moves. All the safety and relaunch benefits of the 5th Element.

Front / Backline Power Distribution: When riding with full power in the Freestyle mode, the forces on the lines are split into 60 % on the front lines and 40 % on the back lines. Therefore, less steering impulse is needed to make the kite turn quickly. When riding with full power in the New School mode, the forces on the lines are split into 75 % on the front lines and 25 % on the back lines. This makes the back lines less sensitive, causing less movement while you are throwing an unhooked trick. More steering impulse is required to get the same turning as that of a Vegas in Freestyle mode.

Tip Turning Area: In Freestyle mode the tip has a wider surface affected by the rider’s bar input. Therefore, the kite is much more sensitive and reactive in steering. In New School mode, a smaller surface of the tip is affected. More bar input is required for quick steering reaction. More bar stability means the kite will not “rise up” when you unhook making it easier to throw mind-blowing New School

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